Sharang Biswas

Sharang Biswas

Sharang is a writer, interactive artist, and award-winning game designer. He has won IndieCade and IGDN awards for his games and has showcased interactive works at numerous art institutions. His nonfiction appears in publications such as Dicebreaker and Eurogamer, while his fiction publishers include Fantasy, Lightspeed, Sub-Q and more.


Of Course You Screamed (Fantasy Magazine)

The Book of Chroma (Sub-Q Magazine)

Time to Feed (Sub-Q Magazine)

Towards More Speculative Sex (Eurogamer)

Indie RPGS…More than Dungeons & Dragons (Dicebreaker)

Honey & Hot Wax: An Anthology of Erotic Art Games (Pelgrane Press)

Awards and Memberships

Winner – IndieCade Dark Horse Award (2017)

Winner – IGDN Indie Groundbreaker Award (2018)

Winner – IGDN Indie Groundbreaker Award (2019)

Nominee – IGDN Indie Grounbreaker Award (2020)

Nominee – IndieCade Awards (2020)


Related Experience

Sharang Biswas is or has been on the faculty of Fordham University and Bard College, and has lectured at numerous institutions such as Dartmouth College, DePaul University, and New York University. 

He is currently a game artist in residence at the Museum of the Moving Image. He has spoken at events such as PAX Unplugged, PAX East, WordPlay, Game Devs of Color, and more. 

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