Laurence Raphael Brothers

Laurence Raphael Brothers

Laurence Raphael Brothers is a technologist with R&D experience at such firms as Bell Communications Research and Google. He has worked with many computer and communications technologies, and has 5 patents.

As a writer of speculative fiction his work covers a broad spectrum from hard SF to space opera to historical and romantic fantasy.



Panoptes: The Sockdolager, Issue #1, Spring 2015

Innumerate: Daily Science Fiction, July 2015

The Temple of Thirteen Pleasures: The Sockdolager, Issue #3, Fall 2015

Innumerate: Far-Fetched Fables, Issue #82, (audio podcast), October 2015


Nonfiction and patents:

US Patent #7,861,088. Method and system for verifiably recording voice communications. Brothers, L. R. Granted 12/28/2010.

Corbo, T., and Brothers, L. R. Open Source Network Monitoring Vendor Assessment. (IDC #209781, December 2007).

Brothers, L. R., and Levine, S. Worldwide Content Charging and Billing Vendor Profiles. (IDC #208468, September 2007).

US Patent #7,263,178. Automated communications assistant and method. Brothers, L. R., et al. Granted 8/28/2007.

US Patent #7,035,817. Electronic Catalog Method. Brothers, L. R. Granted 4/25/2006.

US Patent #6,977,996. Fee collection system and method for call completion. Brothers, L. R., et al. Granted 12/20/2005.

US Patent #6,907,401. Portal Switch for Electronic Commerce. Vittal, J. J., Mills, C. G., and Brothers, L. R. Granted 6/14/2005.

Connor, J. T., Brothers, L. R., and Alspector, J. Neural Network Detection of Fraudulent Calling Card Patterns. International Workshop on Applications of Neural Networks to Telecommunications (IWANNT*95).

Brothers, L. R., et al. Feature Interaction Detection. International Communications Conference (ICC) '93.

Brothers, L. R., et al. Supporting Informal Communication Via Ephemeral Interest Groups. Computer-Supported Co-operative Work (CSCW) '92.

Brothers, L. R., Irgon, A. and Sembugamoorthy, V. Knowledge-Based Code Inspection With ICICLE. Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence (IAAI) '92.

Brothers, L. R. Multimedia Groupware for Code Inspection. International Communications Conference (ICC) '92.

Brothers, L. R., Muller, M., and Sembugamoorthy, V. ICICLE: Groupware for Code Inspection. Computer-Supported Co-operative Work (CSCW) '90.

Sembugamoorthy, V., and Brothers, L. R. ICICLE: Intelligent Code Inspection in a C Language Environment. Computer Systems and Applications Conference (COMPSAC) '90.



Related Experience

Bell Communications Research: Senior Member of Technical Staff. R&D in AI, Internet applications, telecom systems. groupware, and human factors.

GTE and Verizon Laboratories: Distinguished Member of Technical Staff. R&D in electronic commerce, Internet applications, next-generation networks, speech and voice recognition applications.

Turbine: Staff Designer. MMORPG design.

IDC: Senior Analyst. Telecom billing systems and open-source network monitoring.

ITA Software and Google: Market Analyst. Analysis and product marketing management for Needlebase SaaS online database-creation and machine-learning system.

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