Jonathan Brazee

Jonathan Brazee

A retired Marine colonel and combat vet, Jonathan has worked as a professor in a graduate school of business and overseas in Thailand until becoming a full-time writer.  A hybrid writer, he was the second member of SFWA accepted through his self-published works.

Jonathan writes military scifi, milfic, paranormal, historical fiction, scifi, and non-ficiton in fitness, political science, military science, cross-cultural management, and environmental aspects of business.  His United Federation Marine Corps and The Return of the Marines series have sold well over 100,000 volumes.

Jonathan has an BS from the United States Naval Academy, and he studied at the United States International University and the University of California, San Diego, earning a masters and doctorate in international business and business administration.  He has been a speaker at numerous conventions in business, internet, and writing topics.

He is a member of the Disabled American Veterans, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the US. Naval Academy Alumni Association, and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. 


The United Federation Marine Corps
Lieutenant Colonel

(Set in the UFMC universe)

Behind Enemy Lines 
(A UFMC Prequel)

Women of the United Federation Marine Corps

High Value Target (A Gracie Medicine Crow Short Story)
BOLO Mission (A Gracie Medicine Crow Short Story)

The United Federation Marine Corps’ Lysander Twins
Legacy Marines
Esther’s Story:  Recon Marine 
Noah’s Story:  Marine Tanker
Esther's Story: Special Duty 

The Return of the Marines Trilogy
The Few
The Proud
The Marines

The Al Anbar Chronicles:  First Marine Expeditionary Force–Iraq
Prisoner of Fallujah
Combat Corpsman

Werewolf of Marines
Werewolf of Marines:  Semper Lycanus
Werewolf of Marines:  Patria Lycanus
Werewolf of Marines:  Pax Lycanus

To The Shores of Tripoli


Darwin’s Quest:  The Search for the Ultimate Survivor

Venus:  A Paleolithic Short Story




Exercise for a Longer Life

The Effects of Environmental Activism on the Yellowfin Tuna Industry

Japan and Nuclear Proliferation

Considerations in Forming Cross-Cultural Relationships

Air Delivery

Numerous military training manuals


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Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

Romance Writers of America

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I've been a military instructor, a professor for masters and doctoral candidates in various business-related fields, and have been a speaker and panelist at numerous conventions.

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