J. L. Doty

J. L. Doty

Jim is a full-time SF&F writer, scientist (Ph.D. Electrical Engineering), laser geek, and former running-dog-lackey for the bourgeois capitalist establishment. He's been writing for 30 years, with 9 published books. Three years ago his self-published books went word-of-mouth viral, sold enough (50,000) that he was able to quit his day-job, start working for himself and write full time. That led to contracts with traditional publishers and his books are now a mix of traditional and self-published. He just finished his tenth novel, the third in his urban fantasy series The Dead Among Us, and is starting on his eleventh. Science is a passion, but writing is an addiction.


The Gods Within: 4-book YA epic fantasy series

The Dead Among Us: 5-book contemporary urban fantasy series

The Treasons Cycle: 3-book military SF series

The Thirteenth Man: space opera

Awards and Memberships

SFWA: active member

Related Experience

40 years as a scientist and manager in the laser and electro-optics industry.  Over 30 years writing SF&F.

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