Grant Carrington

Grant Carrington

Born 1938.  BA, math, NYU.  MA, math, Univ of Fla.

Goddard Space Flight Center, 1962-68; Savannah River Ecology Lab 1977-1980

associate editor, Amazing/Fantastic, 1971-74; contributing editor, Eternity, 1977-79

Nebula finalist, 1976; 40-50 published short stories, 2 sf novels, one sf collection, 5 plays with full productions, 3 songs published, 2 CDs, book & record reviews, nonfiction articles


Times Fool 1981

Times Fool & Other Stories 2015

Annapolis to Andromeda 2015

Down in the Barraque 2016

His Hour Upon the Stage Nebula finalist 1976

Amazing, Fantastic, Asimov's SF, Eternity, Canadian Forum, Diversity, Regency, Weirdbook, Black Holes, 100 Great SF Short Stories, Cavalier, Chic

Awards and Memberships

Member SFWA, Writers Guild, Dramatists Guild

"Andromeda Unchained," Short Story Award, Sandills Writers Conference, Augusta, Georgia 1977

500 mile trophy, Naval Telecommunications Command

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