Alex P. Berg

Alex P. Berg

Alex P. Berg is a mystery, fantasy, and science fiction writer and the author of the Daggers & Steele urban fantasy police procedural series. His doctorate degree in nuclear engineering gives his science fiction work credibility, just as his honorary Hogwarts degree gives him credibility in the realm of fantasy. He has never worked part-time as a coroner or an undertaker, but he does watch a lot of those murder mystery TV shows.

In his free time—of which there is precious little after accounting for the needs of his wife, two children, and dog—he reads, lifts weights, watches an unhealthy amount of trashy TV, and copes with his addiction to Xbox gamerscore.


The Daggers & Steele series (Urban Fantasy/Mystery)

The Rich Weed series (Science Fiction/Mystery)

The Black Mast Murder

The Genesis Allegory

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I hold a Ph.D. in nuclear engineering and have extensive experience in nuclear materials and electron microscopy.

I am also the owner of operator of Batdog Press, my own independent publishing imprint. As a sucessful indie author, I am able to provide insight into a number of writing and publishing related topics, such as: writing to market, genre expectations, self-editing techniqiues, ebook formatting, web design, marketing, and most importantly, making money from your writing.

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