Walter Jon Williams

Walter Jon Williams

Walter Jon Williams is an award-winning author who has been listed on the best-seller lists of the New York Times and the Times of London.  He is the author of twenty-seven novels and three collections of short fiction. 

His first novel to attract serious public attention was Hardwired (1986), described by Roger Zelazny as "a tough, sleek juggernaut of a story, punctuated by strobe-light movements, coursing to the wail of jets and the twang of steel guitars."  In 2001 he won a Nebula Award for his novelette, “Daddy’s World,” and won again in 2005 for “The Green Leopard Plague.”

Walter's subject matter has an unusually wide range, and include the glittering surfaces of Hardwired, the opulent tapestries of Aristoi, the bleak future police novel Days of Atonement, and the pensive young Mary Shelley of the novella "Wall, Stone, Craft," which was nominated for a Hugo, Nebula, and a World Fantasy Award.

He has also written for George RR Martin's Wild Cards project.

His latest work is The Fourth Wall, a near-future thriller set in the world of alternate reality gaming.

Walter has also written for comics, the screen, and for television, and has worked in the gaming field.  He was a writer for the alternate reality game Last Call Poker, and has scripted the mega-hit Spore.






  • FACETS, Tor Books, 1990.  [buy it!]
  • FRANKENSTEINS AND FOREIGN DEVILS, Illustrated by Omar Rayyan, Nesfa Press 2000 [buy it!]
  • THE GREEN LEOPARD PLAGUE AND OTHER STORIES, Night Shade Books, April 2010 [buy itkindlenook] [Smashwords] [kobo]


Historical novels (originally as “Jon Williams”):

Short fiction:

  • Side Effects” THE MAGAZINE OF FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION, June 1985. Reprinted in YEAR’S BEST SF, 3rd Collection, Bluejay, 1986
  • “Sarah Runs the Weasel,” OMNI, serialized March-April 1986
  • “Panzerboy” ISAAC ASIMOV’S SF MAGAZINE, April 1986
  • “Video Star,” ISAAC ASIMOV’S SF MAGAZINE, July 1986. Reprinted in YEAR’S BEST SF, 4th Collection, St. Martin’s, 1987. Barnes & NobleKoboSmashwordsAmazon Baen
  • “Wolf Time,” ISAAC ASIMOV’S SF MAGAZINE, January 1987.Barnes & NobleAmazonSmashwords,Baen
  • Witness” WILD CARDS (original anthology), ed. George RR Martin, Bantam Books, January 1987Nebula nominee
  • “Unto the Sixth Generation,” ACES HIGH (original anthology), ed. George RR Martin, Bantam Books, April 1987
  • Dinosaurs” ISAAC ASIMOV’S SF MAGAZINE, June 1987. Reprinted in YEAR’S BEST SF, 5th Collection, St. Martin’s, 1988 Hugo nominee AmazonBarnes & NobleKoboBaen, and Smashwords
  • “Ligdan and the Young Pretender,” GUNS OF DARKNESS, ed. J.E. Pournelle, June 1987
  • “Surfacing” ISAAC ASIMOV’S SF MAGAZINE, April 1988. Hugo and Nebula nominee. Reprinted in YEAR’S BEST SF, 6th Collection, St. Martin’s, 1989. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, KoboBaenSmashwords
  • Consequences” CALL TO BATTLE, ed. Jerry Pournelle, September 1988. Also in LIAVEK: FESTIVAL WEEK, Ed. Shetterly and Bull, Ace, May 1990
  • Flatline” ISAAC ASIMOV’S SF MAGAZINE, August 1988. Reprinted in YEAR’S BEST SF, 6th Collection, St. Martin’s, 1989
  • The Bob Dylan Solution” ABORIGINAL SF, September-October 1989
  • “Mortality” DOWN AND DIRTY (original anthology), ed. George RR Martin, Bantam Books, December 1988
  • Solip:System” (special edition hardback novelette), Axolotl Press, October, 1989. Reprinted in ASIMOV’s, August 1990
  • WILD CARDS: ACE IN THE HOLE, (collaborative mosaic novel w/Martin, Snodgrass, etc.). Bantam, February 1990. 11
  • No Spot of Ground” ISAAC ASIMOV’S SF MAGAZINE, November 1989, and WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN, v.II, Benford & Greenberg, Bantam. Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Kobo  Smashwords
  • “Prayers on the Wind” WHEN THE MUSIC’S OVER, ed. Lewis Shiner, Bantam, May 1991. Reprinted YEAR’S BEST SF, Ninth Annual Collection, St. Martin’s, 1992
  • Nebula nominee
  • “Erogenoscape” ISAAC ASIMOV’S SF MAGAZINE, November 1991
  • “When Night’s Black Agents to Their Preys Do Rouse,” WILD CARDS IX: JOKERTOWN SHUFFLE, ed. George RR Martin, Bantam, September 1991
  • WILD CARDS XI: DEALER’S CHOICE, (collaborative mosaic novel w/Martin, Bryant, etc.) Bantam, November 1992
  • “Wall, Stone, Craft” Axolotl Press Special Edition, Sept 1993. Reprinted in ASIMOV’S, October 1993. Nebula, Hugo, and World Fantasy Award nominee. AmazonSmashwordsKoboBarnes & Noble, Baen
  • “Feeding Frenzy” WILD CARDS: MARKED CARDS, ed. George RR Martin, Baen, March 1994
  • “Red Elvis” ALTERNATE OUTLAWS, ed. Mike Resnick, Tor, October 1994
  • “Broadway Johnny” WARRIORS OF BLOOD AND DREAM, ed. Roger Zelazny, Avon, June 1995
  • “Woundhealer” AN ARMORY OF SWORDS, ed. Fred Saberhagen, Tor, June 1995
  • “Foreign Devils” ASIMOV’S, January 1996
  • “Lethe” ASIMOV’S September 1997. Reprinted in YEAR’S BEST SF, FIFTEENTH ANNUAL COLLECTION, ed. Dozois, 1998Nebula nominee
  • “The Picture Business” ASIMOV’S, February 1998
  • Daddy’s World” NOT OF WOMAN BORN, ed. Constance Ash, Roc, March 1999. Reprinted in YEAR’S BEST SF, SEVENTEENTH ANNUAL COLLECTION, ed. Dozois, 2000.  Free at Smashwords. $0.99 at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
  • Argonautica” (novella), ASIMOV’S, October-November 1999
  • “The Stolen Command” (shorter stand-alone version of “Argonautica”), THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF MEN O’ WAR: STORIES FROM THE GLORY DAYS OF SAIL, ed. Mike Ashley, Carrol and Graf, 1999
  • “Tauromachia” (collaboration with Daniel Abraham, Michaela Roessner, Sage Walker), EventHorizon online magazine, reprinted in ASIMOV’S, November 2000
  • The Last Ride of German Freddie” WORLDS THAT WEREN’T (ed. Laura-Anne Gilman), Roc, July 2002 [kindle]
  • The Millennium Party”, August 2002
  • “Ylesia” (New Jedi Order), Sept 2002 [ebook] [kindle]
  • “Margaux” (“Dread Empire” sequence, self-contained excerpt from THE PRAXIS), ASIMOV’S, May 2003
  • “The Green Leopard Plague” ASIMOV’S, October-November 2003
  • “The Tang Dynasty Underwater Pyramid”, August 4, 2004. Declared a Million Writers Award Notable Story of 2004 by StorySouth.  [Amazon] [Barnes & Noble] [Smashwords]
  • “Investments” (original short novel in “Dread Empire” sequence) BETWEEN WORLDS, ed. Roberg Silverberg, Science Fiction Book Club, August 2004. [kindle] [nook] [Smashwords]
  • “Logs” (“Dread Empire” sequence, self-contained excerpt from CONVENTIONS OF WAR), Aeon Speculative FictionIssue One, October 2004
  • “Solidarity” (‘Dread Empire’ sequence, self-contained excerpt from CONVENTIONS OF WAR, ASIMOV’S, April-May 2005
  • THE STICKPIN” amazon short, August 2005
  • “Incarnation Day” ESCAPE FROM EARTH, ed. Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois, SFBC, August 2006
  • “Womb of Every World” ALIEN CRIMES, ed. Mike Resnick, SFBC, April 2007
  • “Send Them Flowers” THE NEW SPACE OPERA, ed. Jonathan Strahan and Gardner Dozois, Harper Eos, June 2007
  • “Pinocchio” THE STARRY RIFT, ed. Jonathan Strahan, Viking, December 2007
  • “Abrizonde,” SONGS OF THE DYING EARTH, ed. George RR Martin & Gardner Dozois, Subterranean 2009.  [kindle]  [audio book]
  • “The Fate Line,” GOLDEN REFLECTIONS, ed. Joan Saberhagen and Robert Vardeman, Baen February 2011.
  • “The Boolean Gate” Subterranean Press chapbook, October 2012.  Reprinted at Subterranean Magazine.
  • “The Golden Age,” DEAD MAN’S HAND, ed. John Joseph Adams, Titan Books, May 2014.
  • “Diamonds From Tequila,” ROGUES, ed. George RR Martin, Bantam, June 2014.


  • PRIVATEERS AND GENTLEMEN, Fantasy Games, 1981
  • PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, Baen Games, 1984?
  • HARDWIRED, R. Talsorian Games, 1990
  • LASTCALLPOKER (co-writer), 4orty2wo Entertainment, 2005
  • SPORE, (dialog) Electronic Arts, Sept 2008.


  • “Science Fiction Village” essay, ASIMOV’S, July 2005


Awards and Memberships

Nebula Awards for Novelette, 2005 for "Daddy's World," 2005 for "The Green Leopard Plague."

Sideways Award, Short Form, "Foreign Devils."

Member SFWA

Founder, Taos Toolbox, master class for writers of science fiction and fantasy.

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