Vonnie Winslow Crist

Vonnie Winslow Crist

Vonnie Winslow Crist (BS Art-Ed, MS Professional Writing) is an award-winning author, illustrator, and editor. She has taught creative writing for the Maryland State Arts Council and Harford Community College. Besides a novel, 2 collections of stories, 2 collections of poetry, and a children's book, she's had dozens of stories, hundreds of poems, over 1,000 illustrations, and assorted articles and essays published. Her writing has been published in Italy, Spain, Finland, Canada, Australia, the UK and USA. She strives to celebrate the power of myth in her writing and art.


Books (partial list)

Owl Light, Cold Moon Press, 2014 (speculative story collection)

The Enchanted Skean, Mockingbird Lane Press, 2013 (novel, Compton Crook Award Finalist)

The Greener Forest, Cold Moon Press, 2011 (fantasy story collection)

River of Stars, Lite Circle Books, 2002 (myth-based poetry collection)

Essential Fables, Lite Circle Books, 1996 (poetry collection)

Leprechaun Cake and Other Tales, The VRGroup, 1995 (children's book)

Stories (partial list)

“Beneath the Summer Moon,” Epona's Children, 2016 (antho)

“Henkie's Fiddle.” Cast of Wonders, 2016

“Appleheads,” Les Cabinets des Polythietes, 2016 (antho)

“The Garden Shop,” Lorelei Signal, 2016

“The Return of Gunnar Kettilson,” Chilling Ghost Short Stories (UK), 2015 (antho)

“Smoke and Sprites.” Hides the Dark Tower, 2015 (antho)

“Snowbroth,” Potter's Field 5 – Tales from Unmarked Graves, 2015 (antho)

“Scarecrow,” Trysts of Fate, 2015 (repeint)

“Balming the Thorn,” Magical: An Antho. of Fantasy, Fairy Tales, & Other Magical Fiction, 2014

“Black Bear,” Morpheus Tales Presents Ethereal Tales Special Issue (UK), 2014 

“Tower Farm,” Dogs of War – Defending the Future, 2013 (antho)

“The Burryman,” Ocean Stories, 2012 (antho)

“On a Midwinter's Eve,” Tales Of the Talisman, 2012

"For the Good of the Settlement," Cold Moon Press eShort, 2012 (revised, added to, reprint)

Blame it on the Trees, Cold Moon Press eShort, 2012

“Pacific,” Shelter of Daylight, 2011

“Henkie's Fiddle,” Potter's Field 4 – Tales from Unmarked Graves, 2011 (antho)

“Blood of the Swan,” While the Morning Stars Sing, 2011 (antho)

“Gifts in the Dark,” Dia de los Muertos – A Day of the Dead Anthology, 2010 (antho)

“Tootsie's Grass River Tours & Amusement Park,” Side Show 2: Tales of the Big Top and the Bizarre, 2010 (antho)

“Birdling,” Faerie Magazine, 2010

“Weathermaker,” Dragon's Lure – Legends of a New Age, 2010 (antho)

“The Garden Shop,” Ethereal Tales (UK), 2010

“The Return of Gunnar Kettilson,” Cemetery Moon, 2010

“Angels,” Ensorcelled Magazine, 2009 (reprint)

“Sideshow by the Sea,” Tales Of the Talisman, 2009

"For the Good of the Setlement," Space Westerns, 2008

“Assassins.” Tales Of the Talisman, 2008

“Angels.” Aoife's Kiss, 2008

“Morning.” Set Me As A Seal Upon Your Heart, 2000


Non-Fiction (partial list)

"Writers Block" column, various articles on books and authors, Harford's Heart Magazine, 2009-2016

“Fairies, Magic & Monsters,” Little Patuxent Review, 2011 (essay)

“Talking Victorian Bouquets – Tussie Mussies,” Faerie Magazine, 2010 (article)

“Country Stroll,” Manorborn 2008 – Memory, 2008 (essay)


Poems (partial list)

“Mars Rising,” Dauntless – A Devotional for Ares and Mars, 2016 (reprint, antho)

“Flower Face,” The Dark Ones – Tales and Poems of the Shadow Gods, 2016 (reprint, antho)

“Night,” Garland of the Goddess – Tales and Poems of the Divine Feminine, 2016 (antho)

“Venus,” Garland of the Goddess – Tales and Poems of the Divine Feminine, 2016 (repirnt, antho)

“Selene,” Lunessence, 2016 (reprint, antho)

“Goblin,” Illumen, 2015

“Cold Moon Night,” FrostFire Worlds – Science Fiction & Fantasy for the Next Generation, 2015

“Key,” FrostFire Worlds – Science Fiction & Fantasy for the Next Generation, 2015

“The wolf is kept fed by his feet,” Paper Crow, 2013

“Kingdom Across the River,” In the Garden of the Crow, 2011 (antho)

“Mars Rising,” Paper Crow, 2011

“Harpers Ferry,” Life in Me Like Grass on Fire, 2011 (antho, reprint)

“Venus,” Life in Me Like Grass on Fire, 2011 (antho)

“On the Edge,” Paper Crow, 2010

“Death-Haunted,” Champayne Shivers, 2010 (antho)

“Flower Face,” Illumen, 2010

“falling star tumbles,” Scifaikuest – a Magazine of Minimalist Poetry, 2010

“Looking for a Star,” Ancient Paths Literary Magazine, 2009 (reprint)

“River of Stars,” Manorborn 2009 – The Water Issue, 2009 (reprint)

“Harvest Mouse,” The Welter, 2009

“if not,” Loch Raven Review Four, 2008

“Frozen Earth,” Manorborn 2008 – Memory, 2008

“At the Asian Art Center, February 21,” The Chesapeake Reader, 2008

“School Fieldtrip,” Manorborn 2006 – Poems of Place, 2006

“Not Seen,” September Eleven Maryland Voices, 2002 (reprint)

“Communion,” September Eleven Maryland Voices, 2002            


Awards and Memberships

Memberships (partial list)

Member, Art & Letters, National League of American Pen Women

Member, Writer & Illustrator, Society of Children's Book Writers & illustrators

Associate Member, Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America

Member, Maryland Writers Association

Member, Broad Universe

Awards (partial list)

L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future: Silver Honorable Mention 2015, multiple Honorable Mentions

Maryland State Arts Council Individual Writing Award ($3,000)

Pushcart Prize Nominee, both fiction and poetry

Maryland Writers Assoication Contest, Silver Medal Speculative Novel

Related Experience

Relevant Experience (partial list)

Maryland State Arts Council Artists-in-Education, Creative Writing Residencies, 10 years

Harford Community College, taught various Creative Writing courses

Balticon: Annual SF Poetry Contest Judge, Poetry Workshop Leader, Writing Panels, Art Show Participant

Darkover: Artist Guest of Honor, Art and Writing Panels

Chessiecon: Art and Writing Panels

HallowRead: Writing Workshops, Writing Panels

Evecon: Writing Panel


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