Tom Keller

Tom Keller

Tom Keller is the self-published author of the Vegas Fae Stories, a series of Urban Fantasy novels set in Las Vegas, Nevada.  A Private Investigator and retired Police Sergeant, Tom is a member of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America.


Return of the High Fae (2012)

Of Gods and Fae (2014)

Twist of Fae (2015)

Not Just Another Fae (2015)

Awards and Memberships

Member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

Related Experience

Tom Keller is a retired cop and former computer forensic expert who's also spent time as a Federal Public Defender investigator. Back in the early days he was a busboy, a cook, and a shoe and real estate salesman. He's taught computer forensics courses at the local Community College and has lectured on a variety of topics, including police and defense investigations, computer forensics, and of course, self-publishing. These days he also works as a P.I. in Las Vegas, Nevada. A place he's called home for over 40 years.

He had a website design business back in the days when you still accessed the Internet by modem. He's sold model airplanes and electronics on the web and eBay. He even had his own TV show for a season or two (okay, it was really low budget, better call it no budget, and it was on UHF for those of you that remember those kinds of things. But, hey, it did snag a 2.0 share one episode). He collects toy space guns, lunch boxes and coffee cups, among other memorabilia.

He is currently working on the next Vegas Fae story as well as other projects.

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