Tom Doyle

Tom Doyle

Tom Doyle is the author of a contemporary fantasy series from Tor Books. In the first book, American Craftsmen, two modern magician-soldiers fight their way through the legacies of Poe and Hawthorne as they attempt to destroy an undying evil–and not kill each other first. In the sequel, The Left-Hand Way, the craftsmen are hunters and hunted in a global race to save humanity from a new occult threat out of America’s past.

Tom’s collection of short fiction, The Wizard of Macatawa and Other Stories, includes his WSFA Small Press Award and Writers of the Future Award stories. He writes science fiction and fantasy in a spooky turret in Washington, DC. You can find the text and audio of many of his stories on his website,


The American Craft Series (Tor Books)

American Craftsmen

The Left-Hand Way

War and Craft (coming in 2017)

Short Fiction

The Wizard of Macatawa and Other Stories

Links to my individual stories may be found at

Awards and Memberships

WSFA Small Press Award (for "The Wizard of Macatawa)

Writers of the Future Award (for "While Ireland Holds These Graves")

SFWA Member

Clarion Writers Workshop Graduate

Related Experience

I have given several solo presentations at the Library of Congress, science fiction and fantasy conventions, and academic conventions.

I've had several extended interviews on radio and television.

I am a well-regarded reader of my own work, and recordings of my readings are available on my website.

I am a frequent panelist at local and national science fiction and fantasy conventions.

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