Steve Davidson

Steve Davidson

Steve is the owner, publisher and editor pro-tem of the world's first science fiction magazine, Amazing Stories.
Steve is a former journalist, 


Maxing: A Guide to Winning Tournament Play (Rabid Chihauhau Press, 1989)
The Complete Guide to Paintball (Hatherleigh Press)

A Parent's Guide to Paintball (Liaison Press)
Thousands of non-fiction articles
Hundreds of reviews of fiction appearing in numerous electronic outlets

Have written 'white papers' on diverse subjects; business plans, non-fiction on a variety of subjects (primarily focusing on science fiction, marketing, publishing and paintball)

Awards and Memberships

SFWA (Affiliate)
IICS Golden Disc Award
Society of Professional Journalists (inactive)
Leadership Grant (Fairleigh Dickinson University)

Top 100 Paintball Player of All Time (Paintball Games International magazine, 1999)
Paintball's Man of the Year, 1992 (PCRI)

Related Experience

Lectures and presentations (including sales pitches) to a wide range of audiences, from military to science fiction conventions
Experience (11+ years) with practical aspects of intellectual property (trademarks, patents)

Daily publication of a multi-author blog/website (almost continuously from 1996 on)


Accessibility Needs

A chair and as few stairs as possible.

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