Stephen Goldin

Stephen Goldin

STEPHEN GOLDIN is a Nebula Award finalist whio's been writing SFF professionally for moree than 50 years. He received a Bachelor's degree in Astronomy from UCLA.

He has over 40 published novels and many short stories. He's married to fellow author Mary Mason, and they live in the San Francisco East Bay area.

Mr. Goldin is an atheist whose interests include Broadway show albums and surrealist art. He has lived with cats virtually all his adult life.


The Eternity Brigde


Scavenger Hunt

Assault on the Gods

The Agents of ISIS space opera series (10 books)

The Parsina Saga (4-volume epic Aabian Nights fantasy)

Mindsaga (2-book space opera series)

The Rehumanization of Jade Darcy (with Mary Mason)

A WorldCalled Solitude

Quiet Post

And Not Make Dreams Your Master

Crossroads of the Galaxy

Trek to Madworld (original classic Star Trek novel)

Alien Murders

Ghosts, Girls, & Other Phantasms (story collection)



The Alien Condition (anthology editor)


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