Sonia Orin Lyris

Sonia Orin Lyris

My published fiction includes fantasy, horror, mainstream, and science fiction. Also, if we're being honest, software documentation and business plans. I have decades of martial arts and weapons study, and am an avid partner dancer in dances like Argentine tango, Blues, and Fusion. My other achievements include raising an emu from a hatchling, and being kicked and spat on by llamas. Once, while being distracted by a lion's roar, I was pounced on by a cougar cub.

My high fantasy novel, The Seer, is due from Baen Books in March 2016. In it I address themes both enduring and current, from non-traditional social structures to intercultural clashes to the social meaning of wealth. More at


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Awards and Memberships

SFWA, of course!

Two-time winner of the Kay Snow writing contest, Willamette Writers conference.

Clarion West graduate.

Related Experience

I have many years of experience in public speaking, most particularly at SF&F conventions where I have moderated panels and served as a program participant, as well as leading solo workshops. I have given presentations and led workshops on subjects as diverse as programming languages, editing, communications, flirting, fiction writing, dance, and fine chocolate.

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