Rosemary Claire Smith

Rosemary Claire Smith

Rosemary Claire Smith aimed at a career as an archaeologist and ended up in election law. She worked as a campaign-finance attorney for the government for over 25 years before becoming a full-time fiction writer. Her science fiction and fantasy stories have sold to Analog, Fantastic Stories, Stupefying Stories, Digital Science Fiction, Bastion, and elsewhere. Her short fiction and her Analog guest editorials showcase her interests in space exploration, sentient aliens, genetic engineering, folklore and mythology, but most especially time travel to the heyday of the dinosaurs. Rosemary has been blogging at since 156 million years ago.



"Dino Mate" shows how wooing the special creature who makes your heart beat faster isn’t easy when you’ve got a row of two-foot long spikes running down your back and tail.  Analog Science Fiction and Fact (December 2014)

"Not with a Bang" is a love story with dinosaurs.Analog Science Fiction and Fact (July/Aug. 2013)

"The Zombie Limbo Master" answers the question, Can limbo dancing save you from the zombie apocalypse? Bastion Science Fiction (May 2014)

"Mom and the Ankylosaur" tells us that Mom was afraid to fly, but was thrilled to win an all-expenses-paid trip to the Cretaceous. Fantastic Stories, Summer 2004.

"Birch Glow" features designer genes, first love, Christmas trees, and saving the planet. Analog Science Fiction and Fact (January 2002).

"The Fifth Sun" was the lead story in The Age of Reason (ed. by Kurt Rothman 1999). The Aztec god Quetzalcoatl spins a tale of creating and destroying  the world.

Forthcoming Stories:

"Diamond Jim and the Dinosaurs" Analog Science Fiction and Fact.(April 2016)
"The Far Hunters," Stupefying Stories

Guest Editorials:

"Our Right, Our Duty, Our Privilege," Analog Science Fiction and Fact (March 2016)

"The Future Is Prologue," Analog Science Fiction and Fact (December 2015)

"Conspiracy Theories for Everybody," Analog Science Fiction and Fact (July/August 2015)

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