Rose Fox

Rose Fox

I'm a senior reviews editor and reviewer at Publishers Weekly. I specialize in covering the genres of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and romance. My work at PW gives me a broad overview of these genres, including the very exciting work that’s being produced by small presses and independent authors. 

I also write Story Hospital, a weekly advice column for writers that focuses on helping writers overcome practical and psychological obstacles, and give "Story Hospital Live!" lectures and workshops on achieving a better relationship with one's writing. In the past I've worked as a freelance book reviewer and manuscript editor.

In addition to general writing-related subjects, I can address a wide variety of topics related to the speculative genres, including depictions of marginalized populations (non-white, queer, transgender, disabled, immigrant, etc.), changes in genres over time, freelancing as a reviewer or editor, and the joys and challenges of self-publishing in the current marketplace. I especially enjoy working with students of all ages.

I'm comfortable giving lectures, but my preference is always to lead discussions and workshops, interacting directly with the participants rather than treating them as a passive audience. I'm very experienced with drawing out shy members of the group, keeping overly exuberant ones in check, and making sure the discussion stays respectful and welcoming for marginalized participants.

My fee varies depending on the type of speaking engagement and the resources of the sponsoring institution.

I look forward to finding out more about your event and how I can participate in making it educational, entertaining, and successful.


Co-editor with Daniel José Older, Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History (Crossed Genres, 2014).

I've written hundreds of anonymous reviews for Publishers Weekly, as well as the occasional bylined review, and contributed many many blog posts to PW's Genreville and PWxyz blogs. I've been writing weekly columns for Story Hospital since 2016.

Awards and Memberships

Long Hidden was a finalist for the World Fantasy Award and the Locus Award.

Related Experience

My public speaking experience includes a great many panels and presentations at BookExpo, science fiction conventions, and schools. For three years I was program chair at Readercon, the preeminent conference on speculative literature, and will be co–program chair again in 2019.

I'm a regular presenter at Hunter College High School and Hunter College Elementary School, where I teach student writers about doing historical and scientific research, understanding the publishing industry, writing thoughtful reviews and other critical work, and beating writer's block and self-doubt. I mentor the teen staff of Tapestry magazine at HCHS, bringing in author guests to talk with them and leading discussions on writing, editing, and reading speculative fiction.

Accessibility Needs

None relevant to public speaking, but I'm thrilled to see this included in the questionnaire.

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