Richard Lee Byers

Richard Lee Byers

Richard Lee Byers is the author of over forty fantasy and horror novels as well as scores of short stories. He has recently branches out from prose fiction to scripting graphic novels and electronic games.

A resident of Tampa Bay, the setting for much of his horror fiction, he is a frequent guest at science fiction conventions and an accomplished fencer.


Recent novels include The Reaver, Blind God's Bluff, Called to Darkness, Black Dogs (forthcoming), Black Crowns (forthcoming), Half a Hero (forthcoing), Blood Machine (forthcoming), and The Ghost in the Stone (forthcoming.)

Awards and Memberships

Active Member, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Horror Writers Association, Internatioanl Association of Media Tie-In Writers

Related Experience

I have been a professional fiction writer since the late 1980's. I have around forty professionally published novels to my credit as well as scores of short stories. Recently, I've branched out from prose fiction writing to graphic novels and scripting electroic games. Many of my storeis have been tie-in projects (fiction based on works in other media like role-playing games.)

I've also taught writing at the college level and have been a speaker at many science fiction conventions.

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