Marguerite Kenner

Marguerite Kenner

Marguerite Kenner is a native Californian who has forsaken sunny paradise to live with her partner, Alasdair Stuart, in a UK city named after her favorite pastime but pronounced differently.

She’s an experienced plate-juggler and wearer of multiple hats, managing her time between editing Cast of Wonders, working behind the scenes as COO of Escape Artists, lecturing, grappling with legal conundrums as a lawyer, studying popular culture (i.e. going to movies and playing video games), and curling up with a really good book.

You can follow her adventures on Twitter.



Short fiction (narration and host)

Podcast guest appearances

Awards and Memberships


  • Parsec Award, Best Small Cast Short Form Short Story, 2013 (narrator for 'Now Cydonia' by Rick Kennett)
  • British Fantasy Society's Karl Edward Wagner award, 2016


  • Escape Artists Inc. is a SFWA member
  • British Fantasy Society

Related Experience

  • Academic lecturer (since 2016)
  • Convention organizer (since 2015)
  • Convention panelist (since 2014)
  • Fiction editing (since 2012)
  • Lawyer (UK qualified 2016; US legal professional since 1999)
  • Narrator (since 2011)
  • Podcast direction (since 2012)
  • Publisher (since 2014)

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