LJ Cohen

LJ Cohen

LJ Cohen is a novelist, poet, blogger, ceramics artist, and relentless optimist. After almost twenty-five years as a physical therapist, LJ now uses her anatomical knowledge and myriad clinical skills to injure characters in her science fiction and fantasy novels. She lives in the Boston area with her family, two dogs, and the occasional international student.


FUTURE TENSE (YA, Urban Fantasy) Matt will do whatever it takes to avoid the violence of his visions.

THE BETWEEN, Changeling's Choice Book 1 (YA, Fantasy) When the Fae fight over Lydia, they didn't anticipate her stubborn humanity.

TIME AND TITHE, Changeling's Choice Book 2 (YA, Fantasy) When Aeon's madness threatens all, estranged sisters must fight the Fae who was once a friend. 

DERELICT, Halcyone Space Book 1 (SF) When Ro tinkers with a broken ship, she doesn't count on waking its traumatized AI.

ITHAKA RISING, Halcyone Space Book 2 (SF) Ro & Barre must find Jem before he risks his mind for an illegal neural implant.

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25 year career as a physical therapist specializing in orthopedics and chronic pain management.


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