Lillian Csernica

Lillian Csernica

Born in San Diego, Ms. Csernica is a genuine California native. Her public speaking experience began with competing on her high school speech and debate team.  She currently resides in the Santa Cruz mountains with her husband, two sons, and three cats.



Ship of Dreams (under pen name Elaine LeClaire), Dorchester Publishing

The Family Spirit (Weird Tales)

Maeve (Weird Tales)

Fallen Idol (The Year's Best Horror Stories XXI, DAW)

Masquerade (The Year's Best Horror Stories XXII, DAW)

Saving Grace (These Vampires Don't Sparkle)

On the Wings of the Wind (100 Wicked Little Witch Stories)


The Writer's Spellbook (Sense of Wonder Press)

The Fright Factory (Sense of Wonder Press)

The Penny Dreadful Reader, Tangent Magazine

Awards and Memberships

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

Romance Writers of America

Related Experience

I've been a professional writer for 22 years.

I have two special needs sons, one with cerebral palsy and one with ASD.

I've worked in historical re-enactment as well as traveling to the sites of some of my stories, most especially those set in Kyoto, Japan.

Accessibility Needs

No long stairwells, please.

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