L. Stephen Wolfe

L. Stephen Wolfe

Although I hold engineering degrees from Northwestern University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, what I like to do most is write. In the 1970s, I became interested in exoplanets. Together with illustrator and collaborator Roy Wysack, I wrote “Handbook for Space Pioneers,” a science fiction book that describes what 24th century life might be like on each of eight planets in other star systems.

I also developed interests in computer-aided design and advanced manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing. I published three paid-circulation newsletters about these topics, writing and editing hundreds of articles over the next three decades.

Now that I have retired from writing and consulting about engineering software, I have returned to my first love, science fiction, with special emphasis on exoplanets and the lifestyles people may have on them. Last year I helped publish “Replicas” by Amanda Ure, a second book about the “Handbook for Space Pioneers” universe. I am also writing about exoplanets for the blog on gailearth.com.


Co-author of the "Handbook for Space Pioneers," originally published by Grosset & Dunlap 1978. Republished on Amazon Kindle 2018.

Publisher "Computer Aided Design Report," "Rapid Prototyping Report," and "Product Data Management Report" from 1981 to 2002. 

Author of "The Smart Manager's Guide to Selecting and Purchasing CAD/CAM Systems" 1984

Editor of "Designing Parts with Solidworks" by Roy Wysack 1997, 1998

Awards and Memberships

Lifetime Award from the CAD Society 2004

Professional Mechanical Engineer, state of California

Member Tau Beta Pi

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Speaking at conferences about mechanical engineering software and related technologies

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