Kelli Fitzpatrick

Kelli Fitzpatrick

Kelli Fitzpatrick is a science fiction author and educator. Her Star Trek story “The Sunwalkers” won the Strange New Worlds 2016 contest, and her essays appear online at and Women at Warp, and in print from Sequart and ATB Publishing. She is currently writing for the Star Trek Adventures role-playing game from Modiphius. She is a strong advocate of the arts, public education, and gender rights and representation. 


"The Sunwalkers" in STAR TREK STRANGE NEW WORLDS 2016 (Simon & Schuster)

Contributing writer for STAR TREK ADVENTURES role-playing game from Modiphius

"Artist in Wine, With Galoshes" in FLASH FICTION ONLINE

Essays on pop culture media online at and Women at Warp and in print anthologies from ATB Publishing and Sequart

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Awards and Memberships

Winner of the Star Trek Strange New Worlds Contest

4th Place in the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge

5th Place in the NYC Midnight Short Screenplay Challenge

Member of SFWA

Member of Michigan Writers

Member of Saginaw Bay Writing Project

Related Experience

  • Eight years teaching writing
  • Have taught workshops on fiction, poetry, and essay
  • Created video workshop series for The Communiy Writing Center

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