Josh Vogt

Josh Vogt

Author and editor Josh Vogt’s work covers fantasy, science fiction, horror, humor, pulp, and more. His debut fantasy novel is Pathfinder Tales: Forge of Ashes, alongside the launch of his urban fantasy series, The Cleaners, with Enter the Janitor and The Maids of Wrath. He’s an editor at Paizo, a Scribe Award finalist, and a member of both SFWA and the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers.


Enter the Janitor – WordFire Press

The Maids of Wrath – WordFire Press

Pathfinder Tales: Forge of Ashes – Paizo, Inc.

Cowards & Crows – Paizo, Inc.

Fate's Fangs – WGF Publishing

Interface Zero 2.0: Japan – Empire of the Setting Sun

Interface Zero 2.0: New York City

Awards and Memberships

SFWA Member

International Association of Media Tie-in Writers

Scribe Award Nominee & Finalist

Related Experience

Josh Vogt has been on all sides of the publishing industry, from writing copy and managing freelancers in the sales department of Simon & Schuster to journalism to striking out on his own as a full-time freelance writer and editor. He also freelances for a wide variety of game developers and publishers, producing everything from tie-in novels to adventure modules to bestiary entries.

Currently, Josh is an editor at Paizo–which publishes the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game–while continuing to attend and speak at conferences and conventions across the country.

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