Joseph R. Lallo

Joseph R. Lallo

A native of Bayonne, NJ – the fabled birthplace of George R. R. Martin – Joseph Lallo is an unlikely entry into the world of literature. After a childhood spent daydreaming and reading, he fully intended to pursue a career in the tech sector. He received a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering from NJIT, and subsequently got a job working IT for a large healthcare corporation. Things changed when, in January 2010, his friends finally convinced him to publish the story that had accumulated over the course of a decade of spare time. That story, now known as the Book of Deacon Trilogy, was a surprise hit, and once he got a taste of the world of indie writing, he was hooked. His latest novels are The D'Karon Apprentice and Skykeep.


The Book of Deacon Series

  • The Book of Deacon
  • The Great Convergence
  • The Battle of Verril
  • The D'Karon Apprentice
  • The Rise of the Red Shadow
  • Jade
  • The Book of Deacon Anthology

The Big Sigma Series

  • Bypass Gemini
  • Unstable Prototypes
  • Artificial Evolution
  • Temporal Contingency

The Free-Wrench Series

  • Free-Wrench
  • Skykeep
  • Ichor Well

Other projects

  • The Other Eight

Related Experience

I have been self-publishing since 2010 and have been a full-time self-published author since 2014. I co-host the Science Fiction and Fantasy Marketing Podcast with Lindsay Buroker and Jeff Poole.

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