Jane Lindskold

Jane Lindskold

Jane Lindskold is the New York Times bestselling, award-winning, internationally published author of over 25 novels and over 70 short stories.  She holds a PhD in English from Fordham University. Over the last twenty-five years has spoken at numerous conferences, conventions, and similar events.


See www.janelindskold.com for full Bibliography, including forthcoming works and academic publications.

Awards and Memberships

Zia Award for Changer.

Member SFWA.

Related Experience

I've been giving talks for over twenty-five years for a wide variety of groups ranging from grammar school children to experienced writers.  I enjoy tailoring presentations to the needs of the audience.  I have served as keynote speaker, featured speaker, and guest of honor.  I'm also an experienced and (so I'm told) excellent moderator for group events.

A side note: I'm more likely to waive a fee for a not-for-profit event.  However, I do expect to be reimbursed for travel-related expenses.

Accessibility Needs

None in particular.

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