J.L. Forrest

J.L. Forrest

J.L. Forrest is an author of speculative fiction, a recovering architect, and an educator. He scrawls from the frosty mountains of Boulder, Colorado, from the Old Country of Roma, Italia, and from the wet techno-forests of the Pacific Northwest. He is open for speaking and workshop engagements in the Rocky Mountains, the West Coast, and Europe.

He is a lecturer and speaker with hundreds of hours of speaking time on the topics of science fiction, literature, design, and ethics. He has more than a decade of teaching experience with adults and young audiences. 


  • Novel: Molly Black and the Bright Star. Forthcoming.
  • Novel: A Requiem Dawn. Robot Cowgirl Press.
  • Novelette: "Sentience Signified". Analog Science Fiction and Fact.
  • Novelette: "Progenesis". Analog Science Fiction and Fact.
  • Short Story: "The Collared Signal". Crossed Genres.
  • Short Story: "The Desert of Forever". Story of the Month Club.
  • Collection: Delicate Ministrations. Robot Cowgirl Press.
    • "Come Gomorrah".
    • "Chasing Forever".
    • "The Unlighted Sentinel".
    • "The Treachery of Cats".
    • "Reboot".
    • "Sum of Errors".
    • "Where No Fox Should Follow".
    • "Betty Jam".
    • "The Amateur Spacefarer's Ultimate Survival Guide".
    • "Dandelions in the Kentucky Blue".
    • "Molly Black and the Visitation of Mr. Griff."

Awards and Memberships

Member: SFWA.

Related Experience

Forrest's expertise emphasizes science fiction, humanism, design, architecture, ethics, and futurism. 

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