Ferrett Steinmetz

Ferrett Steinmetz

Author of popular urban fantasy books FLEX, THE FLUX, and the upcoming FIX, Ferrett Steinmetz published over thirty stories, has been nominated for the Nebula award, and routinely presents at conventions across america.


  • Writer of urban fantasy novels FLEX, THE FLUX, and FIX, which Barnes and Noble called "what might result if you put Breaking Bad and Reddit in a blender and hit “frappe."
  • Wrote Nebula-nominated novella "Sauerkraut Station."
  • Has published over thirty short stories, including "'Run', Bakri Says," which came in second place in the 2012 Asimov Readers' Poll and first on the Escape Pod "Best of" list.


Awards and Memberships

  • Nebula nominee.
  • Member of SFWA.

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