Dr. Edmund Schluessel

Dr. Edmund Schluessel

Dr. Edmund Schluessel holds a PhD in theoretical astrophysics from Cardiff University and has published work on the theory of gravitational waves and on cosmology. His short fiction has drawn comparisons to Olaf Stapledon and has been featured in the anthology Mind Candy Too, in Helios Quarterly and elsewhere. By day, he work as a teacher of mathematics. An experienced political activist in the tradition of Judith Merrill and China Mieville, he organized the biggest demonstration against Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in his adopted home city of Helsinki. 


Fiction publications & upcoming works

  • Infinite Metropolis (2018, Radiant Crown Audio, upcoming, with Mikko Rauhala)
    • "There are an Infinite Number of Stories in the Naked City"
    • 7 other stories TBA
  • "Filigree and Ice, Ash and Atoms," in The Fantasticon 2018 Program Book, Knud Larsen ed.
  • "Bound in a Nutshell" (published in Finnish as "Pähkinänkuoreen suljettuna," in Tähtivaeltaja no. 3/2018)
  • "Choice is an Axiom" in Mind Candy Too, Alvin Mullen ed., Myriad Paradigm
  • "Dip" in Aphelion Webzine, October 2017.

Non-fiction writing (selected)


    Awards and Memberships

    • Associate member, SFWA
    • Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (physics & mathematics), Cardiff University (2014)
    • PhD, theoretical physics, Cardiff University (2012)

    Related Experience

    Presentations and talks

    • "Brahe-Romer: The golden age of Danish cosmology," Fantasticon 2018 (upcoming)
    • "The Real Science of Steampunk," Fantasticon 2018 (upcoming)
    • "Gravitational wave astronomy," Finncon 2018
    • "Non-Euclidean geometry," Swecon 2018
    • "Exotic cosmologies," Worldcon 75 (Helsinki), 2017

    Panel appearances

    • NEMO – The 2018 Eurocon Report, Fantasticon 2018 (upcoming)
    • Professor Robot, Finncon 2018 (moderator)
    • Will We Drown or Will We Bake?, Swecon 2018
    • How Far We'll Go, Octocon 2017
    • Fandom as a Way of Cultural Adaptation, Worldcon 75 (moderator)

    Convention responsibilities

    • Newsletter editor, Worldcon 75
    • Poster competition judge, Worldcon 75
    • Music organizer, Discworldcon (2006)

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