Diane Turnshek

Diane Turnshek

Diane Turnshek is an astronomer in Pittsburgh. Her science fiction short stories focus on space travel, colonization and first contact. She has founded many branches of Parsec, Pittsburgh’s premier, literary, science fiction non-profit organization including Alpha, the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Workshop for Young Writers and the Young Adult Lecture Series at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). For nine years, Diane was a mentor in the Seton Hill University Writitng Popular Fiction MFA Program, helping graduate students write publishable novels. She has taught genre writing at CMU and St. Vincent College. Her love of both astronomy and science fiction led her to crew the Mars Desert Research Station near Bryce Canyon, UT (a simulated Martian colony) and take part in the NASTAR centrifuge study for training civilian space explorers.    


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Web-published SciFaiku poem "Vanadium" (Element #23) at iSciFiStory.com.

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"Hullabaloo" in The Drabblecast 276

"Moms Rule" Analog Magazine April 2014

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