David Mack

David Mack

David Mack is the New York Times bestselling author of more than thirty novels of science fiction, fantasy, and adventure, including the Star Trek Destiny and Cold Equations trilogies. His writing credits span several media, including television (for episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), film, short fiction, and comic books. He is represented by Lucienne Diver of The Knight Agency.


Dark Arts: The Shadow Commission (2019)
Star Trek Titan — Fortune of War (2018)
Dark Arts: The Iron Codex (2018)
Star Trek: Section 31 — Control (2017)
Dark Arts: The Midnight Front (2017)
Star Trek Legacies — Book II: Best Defense (2016)
24 — Rogue (2015)
Star Trek: Seekers, Book 3 — Long Shot (2015)
Star Trek: Section 31 — Disavowed (2014)
Star Trek: Seekers, Book 1 — Second Nature (2014)
Star Trek: The Fall, Book III — A Ceremony of Losses (2013)
Star Trek: The Next Generation, Cold Equations, Book III — The Body Electric (2013)
Star Trek: The Next Generation, Cold Equations, Book II — Silent Weapons (2012)
Star Trek: The Next Generation, Cold Equations, Book I — The Persistence of Memory (2012)
Star Trek Vanguard — Storming Heaven (2012)
Star Trek Mirror Universe — Rise Like Lions (2011)
Star Trek: Typhon Pact — Zero Sum Game (2010)
Star Trek — More Beautiful Than Death (2010) [unpublished]
Star Trek Mirror Universe — The Sorrows of Empire (2009)
Star Trek Vanguard — Precipice (2009)
The 4400 — Promises Broken (2009)
The Calling (2009)
Star Trek Destiny, Book III — Lost Souls (2008)
Star Trek Destiny, Book II — Mere Mortals (2008)
Star Trek Destiny, Book I — Gods of Night (2008)
Star Trek Vanguard — Reap the Whirlwind (2007)
Star Trek Mirror Universe: Obsidian Alliances (anthology, 2007)
      — short novel: Saturn’s Children (as Sarah Shaw)
Wolverine — Road of Bones (2006)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — Warpath (2006)
Star Trek Vanguard — Harbinger (2005)
Star Trek: SCE, Book Six: Wildfire (collection, 2004) — short novel: Wildfire
Star Trek: The Next Generation — A Time to Heal (2004)
Star Trek: The Next Generation — A Time to Kill (2004)


Out of Tune, Vol. 2 (anthology, 2016)
— short story: “Midnight Rider”

2113: Stories Inspired by the Music of Rush (anthology, 2016)
— short story: “Our Possible Pasts”

Apollo’s Daughters (anthology, 2014)
— novelette: “Hell Rode With Her”

Star Trek Vanguard: Declassified (anthology, 2011)
— novella: “The Stars Look Down”

Star Trek Mirror Universe – Shards and Shadows (anthology, 2009)
— short story: “For Want of a Nail”

Star Trek: Corps of Engineers – Creative Couplings (collection, 2007)
— novella: “Small World”

Star Trek: Corps of Engineers – Grand Designs (collection, 2007)
— novella: “Failsafe”

Star Trek: Tales of the Dominion War (anthology, 2004)
— short story: “Twilight's Wrath”

Star Trek: New Frontier – No Limits  (anthology, 2003)
— short story: “Waiting for G’Doh, or, How I Learned to Stop Moving and Hate People”

Star Trek: SCE, Book Two – Miracle Workers (collection, 2002)
— novella: “Invincible,” written with Keith R.A. DeCandido


No Turning Back (2011, written with Bryan Anderson)
Star Trek: The Starfleet Survival Guide (2002)


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, “It’s Only a Paper Moon” (1999)
[with John Ordover and Ronald D. Moore]

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, “Starship Down” (1995)
[with John Ordover]

Star Trek Voyager, “Sickbay” (1995)
[aka “Untitled Kes,” with John Ordover] [unproduced]


Farscape: Scorpius (2010; eight-issue miniseries, written with Rockne S. O’Bannon)
Star Trek — Divided We Fall (2001; four-issue miniseries, written with John Ordover)



Awards and Memberships

Active Member of WGAe, SFWA, IAMTW, ITW

Three novels on the New York Times bestsellers list

One novel on the USA Today bestsellers list

Twenty-two appearances on the Locus Magazine bestseller list for media-related fiction, including five #1 bestsellers

Thrice nominated for the IAMTW’s Scribe Award

Winner, UnrealitySF.com’s “Best Story of the Year” Award, 2011, for Rise Like Lions

Related Experience

Editor of scifi.com (before it was syfy.com), May 2000–May 2008

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