Craig DeLancey

Craig DeLancey

Craig DeLancey is a writer and philosopher. He has published dozens of short stories in magazines like Lightspeed, Analog, Shimmer, and Nature Physics. His novel Gods of Earth is available now with 47North Press. He received a joint PhD in philosophy and cognitive science from Indiana University, along with an MA in computer science. His research in philosophy is concerned primarily with philosophy of mind, and in particular emotion and consciousness. His book Passionate Engines: What Emotions Reveal About Mind and Artificial Intelligence was published by Oxford University Press. Born in Pittsburgh, PA, he lives now in Upstate New York and, in addition to writing, teaches philosophy at Oswego State, part of the State University of New York (SUNY).


Publications include:

  • (2016) "RedKing." Lightspeed, March. (Reprinted in The Year's Best Science Fiction: 34th Annual Collection, edited by Gardner Dozois. Reprinted in The Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy, 2017, edited by Rich Horton.)
  • (2013) Gods of Earth. 47 North Press.
  • (2011) "Julie is Three." Analog Science Fiction and Fact. March, vol. 131, no. 3: 56-64. (Winner of the Anlab Award. Film rights purchased by Storycom. Chinese language reprint in Science Fiction Age. Russian language reprint in Esli.)

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Craig's speaking engagements include:

  • (2017) "Orwell Today." The Little Theatre, ACLU fundraiser, Rochester, NY. February 17.
  • (2015) "What can Science Fiction tell us About Politics?" Mitch McConnell Center. September 28.
  • (2015) "What can Science Fiction tell us About Politics?" Rochester Institute of Technology. May 12.
  • (2012) "Atheism and Ethics."  Mohawk Valley Community College.
  • (2011) "Make it New." Brighton Public Library. Nov 4.

Craig has also given dozens of academic talks, around the world.

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