Cat Rambo

Cat Rambo

Cat Rambo lives, writes, and teaches atop a hilltop in West Seattle. Her 200+ fiction publications include stories in Asimov’s, Clarkesworld Magazine, and Her novelette, “Capre Glitter,” (Meerkat Press), is a 2019 Nebula nominee. Her most recent book is novel Exiles of Tabat, third in a fantasy quartet, coming soon from Wordfire Press, while her space opera, You Sexy Thing, appears in 2021 from Tor Macmillan. Her editorship of Fantasy Magazine earned her a World Fantasy Award nomination in 2012.

She is a former two-term President of SFWA (the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America) and in 2015 co-edited Ad Astra: The SFWA 50th Anniversary Cookbook with Fran Wilde. For more about her, as well as links to her fiction, see

She runs popular online writing school the Rambo Academy for Wayward Writers, now in existence for over a decade.


YOU SEXY THING, Tor Books, forthcoming. (January, 2021)
EXILES OF TABAT, Wordfire Press, forthcoming. (spring, 2020)
BABY DRIVER, Patreon serial novella, ongoing, January, 2020.
RAMBO ON RAMBO, Parvus Press, 2019.
CARPE GLITTER, Meerkat Press, October, 2019.
HEARTS OF TABAT, Wordfire Press, 2018.
NEITHER HERE NOR THERE, Hydra House, 2016.
BEASTS OF TABAT, Wordfire Press, 2015.
A SEED UPON THE WIND, Athans & Associates, 2012.
NEAR + FAR, Hydra House, 2012. Kindle version.
THE SURGEON’S TALE & OTHER STORIES, with Jeff VanderMeer. Two Freelancers Press, 2007.

Short Story Highlights:
AND THE LAST TRUMP SHALL SOUND, forthcoming. Because It is Bitter.
LAST CITIES OF EARTH, forthcoming. Snowflakes.
PREDATORS IN PETTICOATS, edited by Margaret McGraw, forthcoming. How Joyful the Work.
PATREON, December, 2019. My Name is Scrooge.
ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, December, 2019. All You Need.
UNLOCKING THE MAGIC, edited by Vivian Caethe, September, 2019. Broken All My Boughs and Brittle My Heart.
WONDERLAND, edited by Marie Keegan and Paul Kane, April, 2019. How I Become the Queen of Treacle
PATREON, April 2019. The Chosen One.
KNAVES, March, 2019. Assassin or Thief
SOLAR FUTURES, March, 2019. Big Rural.
UNFETTERED III, edited by Shawn Speakman, March, 2019. A Merchant Has Maxims.
CITIES OF DUST, PLANES OF LIGHT, edited by Todd Sanders, January, 2019. A Hand Extended.
DAILY SCIENCE FICTION, December, 2018. Appreciating Estate.
PATREON, October, 2018. Gauntlet.
PATREON, September, 2018. Lost My Tongue.
PATREON, July, 2018. Through the Valley of the Shadow of the Toadgod Bully.
PATREON, June, 2018. What Stirs in the Static.
PATREON, May, 2018. Phoenix Riders.
PATREON, December, 2017. Unpredictable.
PATREON, October, 2017. A Restless World, co-written with Rachel Swirsky.
PATREON, October, 2017. Penned.
BLOOD BUSINESS, 2017. Girls Gone Wild.
PATREON, August, 2017. A House Alone.
PATREON, July, 2017. Another Selkie Story.
PATREON, July, 2017. Say Yes.
PATREON, June, 2017. Leaves.
PATREON, May, 2017. The Houses of West Seattle.
PATREON, April, 2017. Fix the Page.
CHASING SHADOWS, edited by David Brin, 2017. Preferences.
PATREON, January, 2017. Last Year’s Ghost.
GENIUS LOCI, edited by Jaym Gates, November, 2016. The Threadbare Magician.
CYBER WORLD: TALES OF HUMANITY’S TOMORROW, edited by Jason Heller and Josh Viola, November, 2016. The Rest Between the Notes.
CHAMPIONS OF AETALIS, edited by John Helfers and Marc Tassin, November, 2016. Books Are No Good.
PATREON, November, 2016. Aardvark Says Moo.
PATREON, October, 2016. Thursday’s Child.
ABYSS & APEX, July, 2016. Haunted. (with Bud Sparhawk)
CLARKESWORLD, May, 2016. Left Behind.
PATREON, March, 2016. Web of Blood and Iron.
BENEATH CEASELESS SKIES, March, 2016. Call and Answer, Plant and Harvest.
THE MAGAZINE OF FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION, March, 2016. Red in Tooth and Cog.
CONSPIRACY!, edited by Tom Easton, February, 2016. The Mermaid Club. (with Mike Resnick)
THE BESTIARY, edited by Ann VanderMeer, 2016. Tongues of Moon Toad.
PATREON, February, 2016. The Mage’s Gift.
PATREON, February, 2016. Seven Clockwork Angels.
EVERY DAY FICTION, December, 2015. Dark Shadows on the Earth.
NAUGHTY OR NICE, edited by Jennifer Brozek, December, 2015. He Knows When You’re Awake.
OUTLIERS, November, 2015. Reflections From Mirror World 57.
PATREON, November, 2015. Laurel Finch, Laurel Finch, Where Do You Wander?
GRENDELSONG, October, 2015. As The Crow Flies, So Does the Road.
THE MAGAZINE OF FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION, forthcoming. Red in Tooth and Cog.
FICTION RIVER: RECYCLED PULP, edited by John Helfers, September, 2015. Marvelous Contrivances of the the Heart.
PATREON, August, 2015. Snakes on a Train.
DAILY SCIENCE FICTION, May, 2015. The Haunted Snail.
PATREON, May, 2015. The Owlkit, the Candymaker, the Beekeeper, and the Brewer.
BLACKGUARDS: TALES OF ASSASSINS, MERCENARIES, AND ROGUES, edited by J.M. Martin, May, 2015. The Subtler Art.
FANTASY SCROLL MAGAZINE, December, 2014. Circus in the Bloodwarm Rain.
UNIDENTIFIED FUNNY OBJECTS 3, edited by Alex Shvartsman, November, 2014. Elections at Villa Encantada.
BENEATH CEASELESS SKIES, July, 2014. Rappacini’s Crow.
DAILY SCIENCE FICTION, June, 2014. English Muffin, Devotion on the Side.
ASIMOV’S, March, 2014. All the Pretty Little Mermaids.
CLARKESWORLD MAGAZINE, February, 2014. Tortoiseshell Cats Are Not Refundable.
BEYOND THE SUN, edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt, July, 2013. Elsewhere, Within, Elsewhen
THE OTHER HALF OF THE SKY, edited by Athena Andreadis and Kay Holt, April, 2013. Dagger and Mask.
GIGANOTASAURUS, March, 2013. Logic and Magic in the Time of the Boat Lifts (with Ben Burgis).
ESCAPE POD, July, 2012. GrandmotherNotes.
CLARKESWORLD, May, 2011. Whose Face This Is, I Do Not Know.
DAILY SCIENCE FICTION, February, 2011. Swallowing Ghosts.
LIGHTSPEED, February, 2011. Long Enough And Just So Long.
TOR.COM, October, 2010. Clockwork Fairies
LIGHTSPEED, September, 2010. Amid the Words of War. 
CLARKESWORLD, November, 2009. The Mermaids Singing Each to Each.
STRANGE HORIZONS, October, 2009. Ms. Liberty Gets A Haircut.
CLARKESWORLD, October, 2008. The Worm Within
WEIRD TALES, March, 2008. Events at Fort PlentitudeIn audio form on TALES TO TERRIFY.
ASIMOV’S, March, 2008. Kallakak’s CousinsAudio version.
THE NEW WEIRD, edited by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer, 2008. Cornflowers Beside the Unuttered.
INTERGALACTIC MEDICINE SHOW, October, 2007. The Towering Monarch of His Race.
CLARKESWORLD, July, 2007. I’ll Gnaw Your Bones, the Manticore Said.
SUBTERRANEAN, March, 2007. The Surgeon’s Tale. (with Jeff VanderMeer). (Notes)
STRANGE HORIZONS, February, 2007. Foam on the Water.

FANTASY, December, 2006. The Dead Girl’s Wedding March.
STRANGE HORIZONS, November, 2006. Magnificent Pigs.
CHIZINE, Fall 2005. Grandmother’s Road Trip. (2nd place, Chizine short story contest).

Awards and Memberships

Nominee, Endeavour Award, 2010

Nominee, World Fantasy Award, Nonprofessional, 2012.

Nominee, Nebula Award, Short Story, 2012.

Finalist, Compton Crook Award for First Novel, 2016.

Finalist, Darrell Award for short story, 2016.

Member of Broad Universe and SFWA.


Related Experience

Cat holds a Masters in Writing from the Johns Hopkins Writing Seminars, where she studied with John Barth and Stephen Dixon. She has taught classes ranging from 5th/6th graders to graduate workshops at such places as Towson University, Indiana University, Bellevue Community College, Clarion West, and the King County Library System, and runs a series of popular online classes in both live and self-paced versions. An accomplished and enthusiastic workshop leader, Cat is articulate, energetic, and talented at bringing out the best in her students' writing.

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