Bart King

Bart King

BART KING is a longtime middle school teacher who writes funny books for kids and immature adults. He was once referred to as “one of Oregon's best authors” by someone who then laughed really hard.

Bart’s new novel is a science-fiction adventure called The Drake Equation (Disney Hyperion). His previous books include The Big Book of Superheroes and The Pocket Guide to Mischief. (Learn more at


The Drake Equation (Disney Hyperion, 2016): A funny science fiction novel intended for younger readers and immature adults.

Over 15 other nonfiction books combining humor with educational content and activities, including The Big Book of Boy Stuff, The Pocket Guide to Mischief, The Big Book of Superheroes, and the always amusing An Architectural Guidebook to Portland.

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Teacher: 15 years

Fulltime writer: 12 years

Substantial work as a freelance writer for publishers and educational groups like ACT, McGraw-Hill, Disney, etc.

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