Arkady Martine (Dr. AnnaLinden Weller)

Arkady Martine (Dr. AnnaLinden Weller)

Arkady Martine is a speculative fiction writer and, as Dr. AnnaLinden Weller, a historian of the Byzantine Empire and a city planner. Under both names she writes about border politics, rhetoric, propaganda, and the edges of the world. Arkady grew up in New York City and, after some time in Turkey, Canada, and Sweden, lives in Baltimore with her wife, Vivian Shaw.


Novels: A Memory Called Empire, 2019 (Tor Books); A Desolation Called Peace, 2020 (Tor Books)

Recent short fiction: "Object-Oriented", 2018 (Fireside); "The Hydraulic Emperor", 2018 (Uncanny), "All the Colors You Thought Were Kings", 2016 (Shimmer). Other short fiction at:

Reviews and criticism at:

Academic CV at:

Awards and Memberships

Active Member, SFWA

Board Member, 4th Street Fantasy Convention

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I have lectured at universities internationally, spoken at conferences both SFF, academic, and municipal-governance-related, been on programming at the Nebulas and WorldCon (amongst other conventions), run and taught at the 4th Street Fantasy Writer's Workshop, and organized, funded, and ran a hybrid SF/academic convention called 'Reception Histories of the Future' in 2017 in Sweden.

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