Alvaro Zinos-Amaro

Alvaro Zinos-Amaro

Alvaro is a Hugo and Locus award finalist who has published some forty stories and over one hundred reviews, essays and interviews in venues like ClarkesworldAsimov'sAnalogLightspeedTor.comLocusBeneath Ceaseless SkiesNatureStrange HorizonsThe Los Angeles Review of Books, and anthologies such as The Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2016Cyber WorldHumanity 2.0Blood BusinessThis Way to the End TimesShades Within UsThe Unquiet Dreamer, and Nox Pareidolia.


Traveler of Worlds: Conversations with Robert Silverberg, 2016

When The Blue Shift Comes, with Robert Silverberg, 2013 (US), 2014 (UK)

Awards and Memberships

Finalist, Locus Award 2017

Finalist, Hugo Award 2017

Nominated, Rhysling Award for Speculative Poetry

Finalist, Writers of the Future Award

Member: SFWA, SFPA

Related Experience

10+ years of experience in writing reviews and conducting interviews for pro venues, with an emphasis on science fiction, fantasy and horror

Well-versed in history of science fiction, including academic texts

Over 40 short stories published in markets in and out of genre

Extensive reading history in lit crit and literary classics


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